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23rd October, 2019 | Highlander


Nepal being a mountainous country, it is a given that Nepal offers a wide variety of landscapes and the wildlife of Nepal are the major source of adventure in Nepal. In the Himalayas, you not only can trek but also scale some of the highest peaks in the world. While talking about the landscape, you can participate in various adventurous activities. Be it paragliding or sky diving or rafting, the rivers and mountains in this country has been the source of many adventurous activities. AMong them, Mountain Biking is a popular one.

The fun of mountain biking in Nepal is by far one of the most thrilling experience you will ever have in your life. The fluctuating and strenuous trail in those remote places are likable to many bikers. Mountain biking is not something everyone prefers to do, only the true bikers know the fun of biking in such places. The trekking routes in Nepal are not only utilized for walking for days and viewing the beautiful mountain peaks, but also for biking and exploring some isolated and unexplored parts of Nepal. 

If you want to have the most beautiful mountain biking experience of your life, you have a list of places to choose from. The location and various other factors can make you chose from one of them. The most famous mountain biking routes in Nepal especially in Pokhara and kathmandu are listed herein.

1. Mountain biking in upper Mustang and Annapurna circuit

If you are an experienced rider who loves challenges and a wild blood is running in your veins, mountain biking in Upper Mustang is something you should surely try. This Mountain Biking trip will take you up to the altitude of 5416 meters above the sea level in Annapurna circuit while the mustang trek will give you the experience of exploring some of the off beaten routes of Nepal. This will lead you towards the border of Nepal and Tibet. Most of the people there are Thakali and are very welcoming and friendly. You can also take a chance and try the traditional Thakali food which will energize you to bike efficiently. The landscape, the rhododendron forest and the beautiful stupendous mountain peak at the background are the major beautiful features of this trek. The traditional Sherpa monasteries will make you feel like you are not in Nepal but in Tibet.

2. Mountain biking day trip in Kathmandu valley

If mountain biking for days sounds quiet dismaying, you can also opt to bike around some of the unexplored villages of Kathmandu valley. You will get to pedal around these places which are less frequently visited by tourist. The people are really welcoming and a treat to meet while the smiling faces of those cute little kids trying to run behind your bike will really make your day. This is best suitable for bikers looker for shorter trips.

3. Mountain biking in Shivpuri Nagarjun National Park

Away from the crowded city, vehicles and tall buildings, Shivapuri Nagarjun National park is a quiet still appealing part of around Kathmandu valley which is full of green lush forest. Serving as a home to some of the famous and rare species of the world and being the ultimate source of oxygen of people living around, Shivpuri nagarjun national park, mountain biking here is a real fun.

4. Mountain biking in Pokhara

Mountain Biking in Pokhara is also quite popular and preferred to explore around Pokhara. You could also mountain bike in Pokhara after finishing a trek. You can hire a guide who can tell you about some of the famous and fun locations to explore and are suitable to bike.

5. Mountain biking in Pikey peak

Pikey peak is one of the secret biking destination for some of the bikers and is yet not very popular amongst most of the bikers. To get to this path, you are supposed to be start from Salleri, one of the gateway to the Everest region. You find a lot of single- track trails if you start from Salleri, which includes several trails including the Ratnange Danda and other famous biking sites before even reaching to the actual destination that is pikey peak. You can bike on this trail for 3 days.

Let us know how you liked our list and share your experience in comments sections. Contact us if you are planning a visit to Nepal. We can tailor packages for you that meets your needs.

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